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Housekeeping Uniforms

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Housekeeping Uniforms

If you are looking for housekeeping uniforms, has you covered. Whether you are looking to purchase an individual uniform or supply uniforms to your entire staff, we are here to help you find what you are looking for.

Our Fashion Seal housekeeping dresses 60054 and 60058 are very popular choices. They are professional looking, durable, and comfortable. Should you prefer a pant suit option, you can coordinate a housekeeping top to matching uniform pants or shorts, as well. We also offer colorful camp shirts by Fashion Seal, in styles 61129, 61132, and 61114, to add color to any outfit.

For the classic, professional white uniform, see our selection of tops in our white fashion tops section. These tops coordinate well with our matching pants by Fashion Seal, Cherokee or Dickies .

Should you be looking for a specific brand or style, or would like assistance in designing a housekeeping uniform program that matches the image of your establishment, please give us a call at 877-535-2540.